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Choose EAGLE VISTAS for the very best in Basic Ag Pilot Training. Our focus is teaching students how to achieve the skills and knowledge to be a successful Ag Pilot with an emphasis on Flight Safety!

EAGLE VISTAS is now located on-site at the Williston Airport in Williston, Florida and we offer students the very best in Basic Ag Pilot Training! Using comprehensive one-on-one instruction, EAGLE VISTAS will help you develop a strong foundation and help you identify Risk Management and Safe Practices specific to today’s challenges in your AG Flight environment. Our innovative training systems save you time, money and help you master concepts quicker!


What makes us different? The Quality of our Graduates!  Contact them and see if you agree!

Travis Mercer spraying FB

Student’s solo time is challenging and rewarding as they learn skills necessary to be an Ag Pilot!


Our students learn Real World skills and how to work around obstacles !

510G2Seater-AirToAirBankingB (1)trim

510G Thrush Dual Cockpit for Turbine Transition

AgCat for FB

Ag Cat 9164A Dual Cockpit


Ag Cat 9854 Dual Cockpit