About Us

“Mentor” Randy Berry is a 3rd Generation Pilot with over 29,000 hours (SEL, MEL, SES, MES, Helicopters, Gyroplanes, Gliders, and Night Ag Experience in Casa Grande-Yuma, AZ area)  and has been a CFI and Ag Pilot for over forty years. Randy placed 2nd in the National Ag Pilot Competition.  He is also an A&P Mechanic with Inspection Authorization. As an instructor of Ag Pilots in FAA approved schools, many of Randy’s former students now have their own spray businesses, are working Ag Pilots, are corporate pilots, or are airline pilots. Additionally, Randy is an active Ag Pilot and is an accomplished General Contractor. Randy has worked as an Ag Pilot all over the US, as well as in foreign countries which has gained him the versatility to cater to your individual location, and needs and crops.


Beverly Berry is a business financial specialist with over 25 years experience in Commercial Banking advising businesses on growth and meeting their capital needs. Beverly handles scheduling, inquiries, and all Eagle Vistas as well as maintains all (X06) required office services. Beverly’s hobbies include Creative, Commercial and Flight Aerial Photography for Eagle Vistas.