About Us

Our Inspiration – Eagle Vistas Co-Founder, Randy Berry

Randy Berry (1953 – 2020) was a third generation Pilot with over 29,000 hours (SEL, MEL, SES, MES, Helicopters, Gyroplanes, Gliders, and Night Ag Experience in Casa Grande-Yuma, AZ area) and a CFI and Ag Pilot for over forty years. In his early years, he competed in the National Ag Pilot Competition and was awarded second place. Next, as an instructor of Ag Pilots in FAA approved schools and a former A&P Mechanic with Inspection Authorization, many of Randy’s former students now have their own spray businesses and are working Ag Pilots, corporate pilots, or are airline pilots. Having worked as an Ag Pilot all over the US as well as in foreign countries gained him the versatility to cater to the agricultural environments of many individual locations and their respective needs and crops.

 In 2018, Randy presented at EAA/AIRVENTURE OSHKOSH 2018 “HOW TO BECOME A CROP DUSTER” . Randy enjoyed his time at air events, seeing and meeting fellow pilots, especially AgPilots, old friends, former students, and the heartfelt people of the Air Ag farming community. In his instruction, Randy demonstrated passion for Ag Flight safe principles and practices and his respect for basic flight safety above all is the cornerstone for our Ag Pilot program.

Visit our new website and video article of EAA Sport Aviation and their feature article on us – Eagle Vistas Ag Pilot Flight Training School – eaglevistas.com .